Election Con

WSACA is an organization of recognized experts and trusted professionals in the areas of elections, licensing, recording, and finance. The organization aims to cultivate relationships, create consistency among the 39 County Auditor offices, and provide a means to formulate and improve legislation as well as a forum to discuss subjects vital to any person holding the office of County Auditor in the State of Washington.


WSACA sought something different and “outside the box” for their 2015 conference at SeaTac, WA. They initiated the idea of embracing elections and voting, combined with the entertainment, fun, and passion of Comicon to become “Election Con!” with the tagline: “We are bringing together all of Washington State’s Election Defenders – you!”


I embraced the eclectic and somewhat quirky, albeit exceptionally fun, ideation and provided art direction, concept, and design for the Election Con Booklet Design (Program/Agenda)

Art Direction, Concept and Design


Software: Adobe InDesign CC,  Illustrator CC